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On 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union and definitively left the European Union on 1 January 2021. Since that date, customs formalities for trade in goods and services have been mandatory.

Brexit ready

What is important?

Four matters:

  1. Do you know the HS codes of your products?
  2. Are you ready to create export invoice for each shipment?
  3. Do you provide all the data for your export parcels?
  4. If you sell shipments under 135GBP and if yes, are you registered in UK?

Before sending your parcels provide your data. Please send the completed form to [email protected]:

Brexit ready

Suspension of services from UK to Europe and Republic of Ireland 

Service from the UK to Europe and the Republic of Ireland are paused due to Brexit adjustments. Imports to the UK will resume. All details must be Brexit compliant. Customs formalities for trade in goods and services are mandatory. Delays may occur due to the new Brexit rules.


At this stage, we do not know how long these services will be unavailable for, but we will provide regular updates as the situation changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about customs clearances.

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In which language should the pro forma or commercial invoice be written?

A commercial or pro forma invoice in English language is required.

Does the invoice have to be an original?

Yes, if the origin of your goods is preferential according to the free trade agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The rules of application are the same as those of the EUR-MED countries.

How many copies of the invoice is needed?

We need 3 copies of the invoice.

Is it possible to send data files instead of an invoice?

No, this is not possible at present. Customs requires a document in order to be able to declare the goods - it is also not permitted for reasons of storage/evidence requirements.

Do you need a customs tariff number only, or is a precise description of the goods sufficient?

A customs tariff number is not mandatory but strongly recommended to avoid longer delays.

If there is no customs tarrif we need an accurate description of the goods on the invoice. Inaccurate descriptions of exported goods are not accepted and will cause delays in customs clearance. The description of goods must include the name of the items, quantity per item, composition, value per unit and intended use. The use of general terms such as "samples", "parts" or "spare parts" are not to be used for customs classification.

What customs tariff numbers (HS-Codes) have to be stated on the invoice (Swiss tariff numbers or the english ones)?

The specification of the Swiss customs tariff number in the invoice items is sufficient for us. If the shipper is indicating UK-HS Codes it must be indicated clearly.

My company sends parcels to private consumers (B2C), do I need to communicate the EORI no. of the receiver?

A private person has got no EORI. But you must provide the contact details of the consumer in UK (contact person, mobile number or email address).

How are UK import duties paid by importers in the UK?

<135 £ for B2C Delivery: VAT will be charged directly to the sender by HMRC. The sender has to declare the VAT amount on the invoice as Sales Tax. Duties do not apply under this limit.

>135 £ for B2C Delivery: With DAP delivery, D/T will be charged directly by DPD UK to the importer. With eDAP Delivery D/T will be charged by sending Business Unit to the sender.

<135 £ for B2B Delivery: For VAT the reverse charge by buyer is applied through HMRC. The sender has to declare the value without VAT but has to mention reverse charge and the british VAT no of the UK importer on the invoice. Duties do not apply under this limit.

>135 £ for B2B Delivery: With DAP delivery, D/T will be charged directly by DPD UK to the importer. If the importer has communicated the DAN-number to DPD UK, duties and taxes will be charged directly to him. If the recipient opts for "Import VAT postponed accounting" he will pay VAT directly to HMRC. The recipient must inform DPD UK before the first shipment.

As the D/T are invoiced by DPD UK, the consignee receives a payment notification. The payment needs to be made during 5 working days, unless the parcel will be returned to the sender.

What do I need to comply with to do bulk customs clearance to the UK?

For BULK Customs clearances it is mandatory to have:

  1. More than 50 parcels per Day (average volume of parcels per day, FY basis)
  2. One importer of record in UK with valid EORI and VAT Number in UK
  3. Mandate signed and given to our customs broker in UK
  4. No returns in Europe possible : address of return must be in UK and provided by the Shipper
  5. All SHPNOT from the same BULK-consignment must have an Unique Consignment Reference number (example: Invoice Nr., Account Nr., etc.)
  6. All customs data must be provided in a CSV File to DPD ; the CSV must allow to know exactly the content of each parcel
  7. All documents must be provided in PDF
  8. The billing terms is EDAP (if the importer provide us his DAN-no., the D/T will be charged directly to this number, otherwise all costs will be invoiced to the sender)

For more information, please contact your DPD sales representative.

General questions

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Do I have to issue an export declaration?

The export declaration can be made by DPD or the exporter. Export declaration = EAD / MRN / ABD

What is the maximum amount allowed per shipment to the UK?

The maximum amount allowed per shipment is 13'000 GBP (British pounds). One shipment is equal to one invoice (one parcel or several parcels for the same recipient).

Are contact details of the recipient necessary?

Yes. We need a contact person, mobile number or email address are mandatory. DPD UK will contact the importer of record to collect the duties and taxes. If this is not possible, the parcels are returned to the sender.

What can I enter as UCR (Unique Consignment Reference)?

For example a unique invoice number, unique delivery note no., one parcel ID from the consignment

Can private individuals sent parcels with DPD to UK?

No. At the moment being, only businesses may send parcels to the UK. We don't offer CtoC.

Is it possible to do return deliveries or collections requests from UK?

Return deliveries or collections requests are not offered in the first phase.

In case my parcel cannot be delivered, will the parcel be returned to me?

Yes, if the parcel has not been delivered successfully to the recipient, the parcel is returned with the same parcelnumber to the sender. Bulk parcels, on the other hand, will be returned to your, prior to the bulk shipment indicated, designated english warehouse address.

How are the Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey serviced?

The Channels Island (Jersey and Guernsey) have a specific status that makes them destinations, that require specific Customs Treatment. These destinations are momentarily suspended as a destination.

How are goods handled to Northern Ireland?

In contrast to the other parts of the UK, Northern Ireland remains, as things stand today, within the European Customs Territory. Preparing customs documents, providing customs data and customs clearance are therefore not necessary. In any case, please ensure that goods to Northern Ireland do not appear on the invoice and customs data for parcels to the rest of the UK. Routing is through DPD NL in Eindhoven.

What does the abbreviation DAN mean?

DAN stands for Deferment Account Number. If the importer of record in UK import goods regularly, he can apply for a customs deferment account, for example, to delay the payment of most customs duties.

  • Customs duties
  • Excise Duty
  • Import VAT

With a customs deferral account, you can make one payment per month by direct debit instead of paying for individual shipments.

What does the abbreviation HMRC mean?

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is a non-departmental division of the United Kingdom government primarily responsible for the collection of taxes and the payment of certain governmental.