11. November 2022 | Press release

Five tips to get the most out of November's e-shopping campaigns

Five tips to get the most out of November’s e-shopping campaigns

On the night of Monday, the most anticipated discount campaign in Estonian e-commerce, e-Monday, begins. At the end of November, the global Black Friday e-shopping day also takes place, and in between these two events, there are other discounts traditionally offered in November in e-shops around the world. DPD sales and marketing manager Sven Suurraid advises how to make the most of this flurry of discounts.

  1. 1) Take the opportunity and do your Christmas shopping already in November – this way you are sure that the Christmas presents will arrive in time and there will be less hustle and bustle before the holidays in December.

    2) Make a shopping list – think carefully about what you really need, this way you can better orient yourself in the discount offers of the campaigns later. Avoid spontaneous and unnecessary purchases and thus save even more money, but most importantly – also nature, because overconsumption and buying things that stay put puts a strain on the environment.

    3) Familiarize yourself with the offers of online stores early – map out your wishes and remember which stores offer what you need. This helps to save time on the day of the campaign, and you can be sure that the desired product will not be snatched away by other quick buyers.

    4) Choose the most suitable delivery method – if you are mobile, choose a parcel machine, then you are not dependent on the courier. If your only chance to get your package is late evening, at night or early in the morning, then prefer the machines outside, which you can access regardless of the opening hours of shopping centres and shops. If you are a home office worker and you are ready to wait for the courier and receive the package during the daytime, order the goods to your home, then you will not have to overload the street traffic and you will save time and the environment.

    5) Think about your schedule – find out in advance how flexible the courier company is to change the delivery time of the package. If there is an unexpected change in your schedule and the initially selected delivery method is still not suitable, find out if the courier company offers the possibility to change the time of receiving the package or redirect it to the parcel machine? Track the package’s journey, so you can organize a rerouting in time.