Customs duty and VAT

If customs formalities are arranged by DPD Norway / Switzerland or its representative, the invoice for customs duties shall generally be issued to the sender within 1 week after the arrangement of the customs formalities. The goods shall be delivered to the recipient immediately after the completion of customs formalities. The recipient usually has 30 calendar days to pay the customs duties. If the fee has not been paid on time, the first reminder will be sent and the recipient will usually be given an additional 15 calendar days. If the fee has not been paid by this point, a second reminder will be sent and if the fee is not paid, the corresponding invoice will be forwarded to DPD Estonia. DPD Estonia in turn will forward it to the sender.

We therefore recommend that you make sure you have an explicit agreement with the recipient regarding who covers the costs related to the completion of customs formalities and, as much as possible, verify the recipient\'s solvency and proceed based on the information received.

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