Industry, commerce and traffic create fine dust, i.e. fine particle (PM 2.5) air pollution, which is harmful to our health. Most often, these hazards are invisible since we don’t learn of them in our everyday lives. Without understanding and real data it is impossible to improve matters. We can help with this! We can help with collecting data!

Monitoring air quality

Monitoring air quality

OECD estimates that air pollution is among the most serious environmental risks. As a parcel delivery company, we understand that our industry is part of the problem. At the same time, this encourages us to offer solutions.

Everyone wants to breathe cleaner air, and Geopost’s air quality monitoring programme now provides each resident of Tallinn the opportunity to monitor the air quality at their address.

Thanks to our partner Pollutrack’s air quality monitoring sensors that have been installed on our vans and parcel lockers, all residents of Tallinn and visitors can monitor the air quality at their address any time, as the air quality monitoring sensors collect and renew data every 12 seconds.

In addition, the data collected with the air quality monitoring sensors allow city residents to monitor air quality and the city administration to make sense of the main sources of pollution in Tallinn and identify the reasons behind them. Based on the data, we are able to prevent the worsening of issues and facilitate political changes for the benefit of all city residents and visitors.


The air quality monitoring sensors collect data in real time every 12 seconds.


The data allow residents to check the air quality at their address.


Opportunity to monitor air quality in Tallinn in real time.

What’s the air quality like at your address?

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What’s the air quality like at your address?

Read more about the air quality monitoring results in Tallinn, your home town. Data are collected in real time through the sensors installed in DPD’s parcel delivery infrastructure, and are renewed every 12 seconds.

Check the air quality at your address in Tallinn!