Never miss another delivery thanks to the myDPD mobile App!

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Never miss another delivery thanks to the myDPD mobile App!

With our award-winning myDPD mobile app, you'll never miss a parcel delivery again. You can follow the delivery process - our Live-Tracking feature shows you where your parcel is.

The modernly designed interface is completely adapted to the application users, so all agreement about delivery becomes like exchanging messages with friends!

If you will not be at home at the time of delivery, simply use the option to redirect the parcel to an alternate address, to one of our Pickup locations or DPD Pickup Parcel lockers, or change the delivery date.

Sounds simple? Because it is!

Completely new myDPD app available for download:

Some very good reasons for using the DPD app


An inspiring digital service experience

Receive your parcels as you wish – mobile and uncomplicated.


Personalised push messages

On request our app provides you with push messages informing you about the planned delivery time.

A prize-winning app

The DPD App has already received a number of awards. We owe part of this success to feedback provided by our users, which we constantly integrate in the further development of the app.

In 2016 the DPD App received the UX Design Award for outstanding design and ease of use.

And in one of Germany's most prestigious design competitions, the DPD App was honoured in 2018 for its intuitive design.

The app’s innovative Returns button received the accolade of "Delivery Innovation of the Year".

Empfangen - DPD - DPD App - Live-Tracking

No more missed parcels

Not at home? Simply redirect the parcel. Our app functions with all standard devices and operating systems.
Thanks to automatic synchronisation among your mobile and desktop devices, you always have access to your parcels.

Everything at one place:

  1. Our Live-Tracking feature shows you where your parcel is at all times.

  2. Through a conversation with our virtual assistant with even fewer clicks, find out everything you need to know about the parcel. Quickly and easily adjust delivery to suit you best.

  3. If you will not be at home, thanks to the redirection options, simply redirect the parcel to an alternative location (another address or to more than 1300 Pickup locations and Pickup Parcel lockers) or change the delivery date.

  4. In the delivery settings, you can select a delivery location for all future parcels, for example, a favourite Pickup location or a safe place location. Thus, all parcels that will be delivered through the DPD delivery service will be delivered to the selected location. You don't have to readjust the delivery settings every time.

  5. Use the Pickup Location Finder to find the nearest Pickup location.

  6. Search for parcels by their number or change their name, which will make search even easier.

  7. Rate us! We always listen to our customers and every opinion is important to us. This helps us to bring our service to an even better and higher level.

Empfangen - DPD - DPD App - Live-Tracking