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420 Pickup locations where it is possible to collect a parcel

We believe that your customers may sometimes have a lot of demands - why not please them when you can?

Accelerated pace of life is often an obstacle to meeting some of these requirements, but thanks to our delivery experience, we've found a solution to one of the most common challenges that web merchants encounter - where to deliver a parcel.

Consumers enjoy being able to specify the destination for their online delivery.

That’s why DPD does not only deliver orders to your customers’ home, but also to a Pickup parcelshop.

Our network of 28.000 Pickup points spread across 25 countries is the most dense in Europe and it makes it convenient for customers to pick up and drop off parcels just around the corner, wherever they are in Europe.

Delivery experience has reached whole new level and collecting parcels has never been easier!

  • You can offer your customers more choice in the delivery.
  • Your customers can collect their parcel where it suits them best, and they have up to 7 calendar days to do that.
  • Your customers will be proactively informed about the delivery date via SMS/e-mail notification, and by following the link given to them within the notice they can access the portal where it is possible to change delivery date or delivery address - all they have to do is click on the link and choose the delivery to the desired Pickup parcelshop/our partner's retail!
  • Additionally, during the entire delivery process it is possible to check parcel's shipping status.


Our partners have recognized the benefits of Pickup parcelshops.

In cooperation with our partners, Eurom Denis and Ina, we have opened more than 420 Pickup parcelshops in Croatia. This number is growing steadily and by the end of the year we plan to extend the Pickup network to more than 500 shops throughout Croatia.
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