Tips on how to make a good application for a job with DPD.

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Tips on how to make a good application for a job with DPD.

Thank you for your interest in DPD!

We hope we'll get to know you better!

Formal criteria

You can raise your chances that our HR staff will call you for an interview if you arrange your application as follows:

  • CV in PDF format

  • Your CV should be no more than 2 pages, or 3 pages where there is a special reason

  • Photograph (a passport or professional photograph in your CV)

  • Your CV should be concise but informative

  • The information should be arranged clearly, point by point, under headings

  • Keep fonts consistent

  • Use everyday language in your CV

  • Do not attach anything to your CV unless it is specifically requested for your application

  • Review and check all of the information in your CV before you send it


Your CV must include:

  • Contact information (phone, e-mail, address)

  • Date of birth (for information only. Age is not a factor in selection)

  • Professional experience (company, industry, job, tasks). Please start with the latest experience, giving the month and year (e.g. 3/2019-4/2020)

  • Education (full - not short - name of school/college, name/subject of qualification). Please give the latest qualification first

  • Other relevant studies (training courses, etc.)

  • Language proficiency. Please classify each language using the levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced or Fluent

  • IT skills

  • Other skills

  • Driving licence (please give type of licence)

  • Personal information to let us know you better: hobbies, community service, etc.

What you should NOT put in your CV:

  • Marital status

  • Ethnic affiliation

  • Religious affiliation

  • Political views

Other information

We do not ask for a separate motivation letter for any of the positions advertised, but please indicate your anticipated gross earnings and request for other benefits when you submit your application.