Be a DPD Pickup parcelshop partner!

Raise your customer count with a new service.

Be a DPD Pickup parcelshop partner!

Raise your customer count with a new service.

As online retail business expands, the demand for parcel deliveries is constantly growing. Be part of this development!

We are looking for partners who are customer-oriented, provide quality services and are interested in building a long-term cooperation with the second-largest parcel logistics provider in Europe.

Pickup parcelshops


Uniform parcelshop network throughout Europe.

Nearly 150 parcelshops in Hungary

Send your parcels at busy, easily-accessible shops or DPD offices. The network is constantly expanding.

Parcelshops in Europe

Our parcelshops are part of a European network.

Előnyök Pickup csomagpont partnereknek

Reach new target groups for your business

People coming into your shop for the new service and picking up packages they ordered online are potential new customers for your business, acquired without advertising costs.

No investment costs. DPD provides the equipment.

No extra costs for our Pickup parcelshop partners, because DPD provides the equipment needed to handle parcels. An advanced information network and mutually harmonised services make sending parcels simpler than ever.

Your shop will be part of the international DPD Pickup shop network

Join us and become part of a network of 42,000 parcelshops in Europe. You will have an additional service that lets your customers send packages to any country in the European Union.

DPD provides backup for operating the parcelshop

Dedicated DPD staff provide background assistance for parcelshop operations and active support for technology integration. They also hold periodic training in new developments.

DPD also provides information and advertising material

We install information items in Pickup parcelshops and help with service visibility. These do not incur any extra costs for you.

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