Ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance

Read DPD's ethics and compliance regulations or report a problem or observation concerning ethical or regulatory non-compliance. You can submit the form anonymously.


DPD allows all employees and stakeholders to report abuse through the abuse reporting system. The Reporting System ensures confidentiality and anonymity from the moment a report is received.

Channels to be used for a written report:

DPD website: By clicking on "Ethics and Compliance" and completing and submitting the online form "Reporting Ethical Non-Compliance and Regulatory Issues".In writing:
By letter addressed to the Compliance & HSSE Manager: 1134 Budapest, Váci út 33. 2nd floor. The person designated by the Head of Compliance & HSSE will file the reports and ensure their confidentiality and handling.

The channels to be used for verbal reports are:

  • In person. In this case, the responsible staff member will offer the opportunity to the reporting officer to check, correct and sign the minutes of the meeting.
  • On a recorded telephone line/voicemail system through the helpdesk: with the prior consent of the reporting person, the conversation will be recorded in a permanent and retrievable format.
  • On a non-recorded telephone line/voicemail system With the prior consent of the reporting person, the responsible staff member receiving the call will make a complete and accurate record of the conversation and offer the reporting number the opportunity to review, correct and sign off on the call record.

Whistleblowing system

Please don't forget to accept the ethics committee rules of procedure!

Report an ethical non-compliance or regulatory problem

If you would like to report a problem or observation concerning non-compliance with business ethics or regulation, please use this form!

The form is only for reporting ethical or regulatory problems and abuses as mentioned above. For complaints about our services, please use the forms in the Contact menu.

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