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Useful information about sending and receiving parcels in domestic and international shipping.

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How can I make a complaint?

Use one of the complaint forms on our website.

How can I send a parcel?

If you send parcels occasionally or in small numbers, you can send it at a Pickup shop. For larger numbers (two or more parcels daily), you have access to DPD\'s services as a contracted partner. If you already have a contract, send parcels in the Weblabel programme via the menu item \"Send a parcel\". If you are sending parcels every day, we recommend webshop integration, which automatically loads the recipient\'s details and relieves the sender of manual data entry. Use our dimensions calculator when sending a parcel.

What packaging material should I use and how should I do the packaging?

Our packaging guide tells you about the materials you need to use for secure delivery. Please note that badly packaged parcels are vulnerable to damage and can cause damage to the other products.

How big parcels can I send with DPD?

The weight limit for packages carried by DPD is 40 kg (maximum girth: 3 m, maximum length: 1.75 m). The weight limit for parcels sent or received at Pickup shops is 20 kg, and the maximum length is 1 m.

I am a contracted partner. How can I order self-adhesive labels when they run out?

Submit a request through the menu item \"Order labels\" in the Weblabel program, or by e-mail to [email protected].

Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

Normal Girth Calculator
Parcelshop Calculator

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NOTE: This is a computed value which was not measured with calibrated scales - please see the note in the first paragraph.

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Can customer service change the delivery address/date?

No, the delivery date and address can only be changed by the receiver of the e-mail, in accordance with the data protection law.

How many times does DPD attempt to deliver a parcel?

Twice. If the first delivery is unsuccessful, we make another attempt to deliver, usually the following weekday. If this is also unsuccessful, the courier leaves a notification at the address giving the address of the branch office where the package can be picked up personally within five weekdays.

How can I change the date or address of delivery?

The notifications we send after collection, and on the day of delivery, include a link through which you can change the delivery date or address. The person who receives the e-mail can change the date and address in accordance with the data protection law. The system offers the next five weekdays as alternative delivery dates.

Can I pay by credit card upon delivery?

Yes, nearly every DPD courier is able to accept credit cards. Please ask your courier.

What happens if DPD is unable to deliver the package at the last attempt?

After two unsuccessful deliveries, you can pick up the package in person at the depot given on the notification.

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Can I send a parcel abroad in a Pickup shop?

Yes, you can use the DPD Classic International service to send parcels abroad (within the EU only) from a Pickup shop.

What does \\\"Pickup\\\" mean?

Pickup is the name of DPD\\\'s parcel shops.

Why choose the Pickup service?

Pickup shops offer a flexible way of sending and receiving parcels. If you are waiting for a package, you don\'t have to stay at home waiting for the courier. Redirect it to the nearest Pickup shop, where you can collect it any day of the week. Most of our Pickup shops are in busy shopping centres or other easily-accessed places, so that you can send or pick up a parcel in the course of your daily activities.

Can I take goods for return to a Pickup shop?

No, there is no facility for this. Goods can be returned by standard collection.

Can I send a parcel COD in a Pickup shop?

No, there is no facility for sending COD parcels in Pickup shops.

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