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Internet fraud warning


There is now unfortunately an increasing number of people who make fraudulent attempts on the internet, email or telephone. They try to make you pay money, or to gather data about supposed DPD parcel deliveries.

Please be aware:

DPD NEVER accepts payment in advance for transport or purchases, except for Cash on Delivery shipments! Payment is only due for these COD shipments at the actual moment of delivery, and at no other time. You pay DPD after delivery in all other cases. Have you been asked to pay in advance? Then something is not right!  Furthermore, DPD never asks, in writing or by telephone, for any personal information such as PIN codes, passwords or credit card details.

Common fraudulent methods:

  1. You are interested in buying an online product. The seller suggests sending you the product for inspection. You must then pay into an account supposedly run by DPD. The seller says you will get your money back if you cancel the order. If you go ahead, the money will go into the seller’s account. It therefore seems that you run no risk as a buyer. You often see links on the left-hand side of a site to official websites like DPD The fraudsters use terms such as ‘DPD International’ or ‘DPD International agent’.
  2. You receive an email purporting to be from DPD, with a signature such as ‘from your DPD team’ for example. The email requires you to pay money in advance for a supposed parcel delivery. In some cases, you are asked to provide sensitive information such as PIN numbers, passwords or credit card details.

Please keep in mind:

DPD never accepts payment in advance for transport or purchases of goods! This always applies, whether the payment request comes supposedly from DPD directly, or that a seller wants to payment to be made through (seemingly) DPD, thereby placing DPD as a neutral service provider in the payment process. The only exception where DPD will accept payment is for Cash-on-Delivery shipments. Payment is only due for these COD shipments at the actual moment of delivery, and at no other time.

If you suspect attempted fraud, we advise you to go straight to the local police or public prosecutor with your complaint, in order to avoid any future criminal offences.



DPD assumes no liability for damages caused through unlawful or fraudulent usage of the DPD name.

We hope this information prevents you from becoming a victim of fraud.