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The EUR.1 movement certificate for goods outside Europe.

Do the products you wish to send originally come from outside the EU, or destination country? If so, the importer is eligible for a discount or exemption on import duties. If the importer wishes to benefit from this, you must show the preferential origin of the document, which can be done with the EUR.1 certificate.* As the sender, you must draft this certificate. You can complete the standard form here, and then issue it to customs. These forms are also available from the Chamber of Commerce.

The EUR.1 is compulsory for parcels with a value of €6,000 or above.

A declaration of origin is sufficient for parcels with a value below €6,000.

*The EUR.1 certificate is used for shipping goods within the European Economic Area (EEA), and includes the following countries: Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Jordan, FYR (Bosnia-Herzogovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia), Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Albania, Andorra, the Association of Carribean States, and overseas countries and territories.