Your delivery experts

Innovative entrepreneurship

We share our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help local enterprise thrive.

Traditional delivery business is reshaped by the rise of ecommerce and on-demand delivery. Therefore, we encourage innovation inside and outside of our business.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of our DNA. Most part of our business expansion history has been made through acquisitions of local delivery expert companies characterised by their outstanding entrepreneurial spirit: mostly run by entrepreneurs and highly dedicated managers.

Our model for achieving this goal is based on intrapreneurship, support to local partner companies, and employee training..

How we do it:

  • We support entrepreneurship by means of the social partnership programme Bijzondere Bakken, which makes containers that have reached the end of their economic lifespan available, for example to be transformed into a mobile classroom.
  • We support Beeleev, a selective global community of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • DPDgroup organises the annual Quality Awards, which highlight remarkable sustainability projects, thereby stimulating innovation.