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Note: DPD stops Cash-on-Delivery within the Benelux starting 01-01-2019.

Due to the changing payment needs of the receivers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg (eg Ideal), the demand for Cash-on-Delivery parcels has greatly diminished.

DPD has decided to stop this service within the Benelux on 1 January 2019. 

  • The service will no longer be available from 1 January 2019 for parcels from abroad to the Netherlands and within the Netherlands.
  • The service will no longer be available from 1 January 2019 for parcels to Belgium and Luxemburg 
  • Cash-on-Delivery remains available to Germany and Austria.


C.O.D. stands for Cash-on-delivery. If we send a parcel C.O.D., the recipient must pay immediately. This means that you never run the risk of your client not paying. The maximum amount that the driver can receive in cash is € 2.500.

We can accept C.O.D. up to In € 5.000 in Belgium, if the client pays by cheque. Furthermore, your parcel is insured as standard against loss or damage up to the indicated C.O.D. sum. We pay you the C.O.D sum which we receive  with 72 hours. Should you wish, we can also take care of multiple bookings, and will pay the C.O.D. sum every week, for example, every two weeks or every month.

With DPD CLASSIC, we offer shipments to Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and Austria. With DPD GUARANTEE, you can choose C.O.D. shipments to Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg. C.O.D. is also possible in combination with DPD 8:30, DPD 10:00, DPD 12:00.

Financial cycle

Is your C.O.D. parcel coming to a shipping depot? If so, we immediately register all relevant details and send them to the reception depot. If the reception depot has the C.O.D. sum, the subsequent payment steps will be automatically activated.

You can follow the financial cycle via Track & Trace on Then you will always know the status of your C.O.D parcels, from the moment they are shipped until the money is paid into your account.

C.O.D. shipping label

Mark the desired payment method on the C.O.D. shipping label. Choose ‘cash’. Complete the C.O.D. sum in euros.