The export of dutiable goods

When exporting goods to a non-EU country (third country), you must attach accompanying customs documents. These depend in particular on the regulations in the destination country, the value of the goods or the contents of the shipment.

This rule also applies to shipments to EU exemption areas. EU exemption areas are:

  • Denmark: Faroe Islands, Greenland
  • Germany: Büsingen, Helgoland
  • Finland: Åland Islands
  • France: Overseas Departments
  • Greece: Mount Athos
  • Italy: Campione d\'Italia, Livigno, part of Lake Lugano
  • Netherlands: Overseas territories
  • Spain: Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands
  • Great Britain: Isle of Man, overseas territories, Gibraltar, Channel Islands
  • Cyprus: the Turkish part belongs geographically to Europe, but is not part of the
  • EU customs territory