Customs declaration and accompanying export documents.

During the export process goods with a value of over €1000 which are exported from the EU to a non-EU country are declared electronically to the customs authorities using the ATLAS export procedure or using the IAA-Plus (Internet export declaration+, confirmation by means of ELSTER certificate). This is also required if the goods value for an individual shipping date to various consignees in the relevant country of destination exceeds €1000.

The accompanying export document replaces the previous declaration on the single administrative document (form 0733). You will receive the accompanying export document with the Movement Reference Number (MRN) required for the export after the export declaration has been successfully processed by your customs office. In simple terms: a T1 (Transit document 1)

If special customs regulations or sanctions apply in the case of the particular country, even shipments with a goods value of below €1000 have to be declared. In such cases the required permits and any other relevant documents have to be available during customs clearance. More information is available from the Customs or your Chamber of Commerce.

The export declaration should be implemented at the latest 24 hours before the shipment is handed to the DPD dispatch depot.

As was previously the case, small shipments with a value below €1000 which are not subject to prohibitions and restrictions do not need to be declared electronically.