Mandatory when sending goods to Norway or Switzerland. Goods must be accompanied by 5 copies of the invoice, of which 1 copy also reaches the final recipient. The invoice must indicate the correct value of the product, even in the case of presents and documents. The value of the goods must never be 0. If documents have no value, even the price of the paper must be indicated. The invoice language should be English.

Required fields of an invoice are:

  • Name and address of sender, registry number

  • The EORI code – obligatory for all companies engaged in foreign trade in exporting, importing, transit and other customs operations. It is even mandatory for a one-off shipment outside the European Union. In Estonia, the EORI code is issued by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The company’s legal representative may request the number.

  • Name and address of the consignee

  • Invoice number and date

  • Seller’s reference

  • Buyer’s reference

  • Buyer\'s name (if it differs from the consignee\'s)

  • Delivery address

  • Delivery terms – indicates the amount of shipping costs included in the submitted invoice. The delivery terms, together with the name of the populated area, indicate the extent to which it applies.

  • Country of destination

  • Country of dispatch

  • Place of unloading

  • Final destination

  • Customs code of goods i.e. the taric code – a 10-digit articulated code provided by the declarant.

  • Name of the goods (as precise as possible) – if the name is incorrect, the goods may be returned by the customs.

  • Gross weight, net weight

  • Quantity, number of parcels

  • Price per unit

  • Currency

  • Signature and stamp of the exporter

If the goods are insured, this must also be indicated on the invoice.