19. October 2020 | Innovations

Contactless delivery and receiving parcels with a PIN code

Following the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic, we have introduced PIN delivery - contactless, simple and secure parcel delivery.

How does PIN delivery work?

When delivering the parcel, the driver will ask the recipient for a PIN code, which he then enters into the scanner. Each PIN code is unique, it is created separately for each shipment. On the day of parcel delivery, the recipient will receive a unique PIN code via e-mail or Viber/SMS message. In case the recipient is not able to receive the parcel, the PIN code can be distributed to an authorized person (family member or friend) so that they can receive the parcel on behalf of the recipient. Because the PIN code acts as a personal identification, caution is advised when transferring the PIN code to another person. When receiving a parcel with a PIN code, additional written confirmation is no longer required. In the event that the recipient of the package deletes or loses the PIN code by mistake, the recipient will still be able to receive the parcel, and the driver will note that the parcel has been delivered (enter the last name of the person who received the parcel, indicating COV 19).


Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager

About DPDgroup

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