21. November 2022 | General information

DPD Croatia is the main sponsor of the E-commerce JAM conference

Zagreb, November 2022. As one of the successful participants in online business, DPD Croatia was a proud sponsor of the E-commerce Jam regional conference, held on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

The E-commerce Jam conference brought together top lectures from successful companies, as well as the biggest names in web stores.

As part of the Performance Jam lecture, the general manager of DPD Croatia presented the E-shopper Barometer, a survey that DPDgroup has been conducting for the sixth year in a row. In addition, he mentioned possibilities that DPD offers in domestic and international traffic, as well as the delivery services that are most in demand among end recipients.

Also, in Tvornica kultura, Zagreb, awards were ceremoniously awarded to the best web stores in the region, all as part of the largest web store competition – Web Retailer Award 2022, organized by Jeftinije.hr, which is part of Heureka group.

The purpose of this competition is to offer merchants reliable feedback from e-commerce experts and users and help them offer the best online experience to e-shoppers.

A total of 361 web shops from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia participated, and as many as 58 prizes were awarded in different categories. The director of DPD Croatia was awarded the award for the Best Cross-Border Trade, which was won by GymBeam.

Congratulations once again to GymBeam, as well as to all the other awardees.


Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager


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