13. November 2023 | General information

DPD was a proud sponsor of the E-commerce Jam conference

DPD Croatia has opened a new storage and distribution center in Dugopolje

On November 9, 2023, DPD Adriatic proudly sponsored the E-commerce JAM conference, featuring top lectures from successful companies and prominent names in web stores.  

As part of the lecture No data, no Jam, Snježana Stanić, our regional director of Marketing, Communications and Out of Home network development and news services presented E-shopper Barometer survey. This survey, conducted by Geopost for the seventh consecutive year, provided insights into the preferences of online shoppers. Additionally, we highlighted the popular domestic and international traffic options and delivery services offered by DPD.

The event, held at the crowded Šiška Cinema in Ljubljana, included the presentation of awards to the best retailers in region. This ceremony was part of the Web Retailer Award 2023, the largest web store competition organized by jefitnije.hr, ceneje.si and idealno.rs, within the Heureka group. The competition aims to provide merchants with reliable feedback from e-commerce experts and users, helping them enhance the online experience for their site visitors.



Snježana Stanić

Marketing, Communication, Out of Home delivery & Product development Manager


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