13. March 2023 | Press news

GeoPost/DPDgroup’s 2040 net-zero pathway endorsed by the Science Based Targets initiative

Zagreb | March 2023. | Geopost is the first global parcel delivery company to have both its near and long-term CO2 emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). This landmark approval scientifically endorses GeoPost/DPDgroup's plan to reach net-zero by 2040 and sets the company on a clear path to be the international reference in sustainable delivery.

The Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) is an international organization that helps companies set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets that are aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Thus, the Geopost group, of which DPD Croatia is a member, submitted a near and long-term plan for approval to the Science Based Target (SBti) initiative in July last year, and the initiative was officially approved a month ago. With this, Geopost has officially become the first global parcel delivery company to have both a near and long-term CO2 reduction plan approved.   

The targets are aligned with the most ambitious GHG emissions reduction pathway to limit global temperature increase to 1,5°C above preindustrial levels.

Geopost/DPDgroup targets endorsed by the Science based Target initiative:

  • Near-term goal: to reduce CO2 emissions by 43% by 2030. (compared to the baseline 2020.)
  • Long-term goal: reduce CO2 emissions by 90% by 2040. (compared to baseline 2020.)
  • Ambition: to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 by offsetting 10% of remaining emissions by 2040.

“The approval of our net-zero plan is a strong recognition of the efforts we have been making and will continue to make towards a sustainable future. Thanks to the tremendous dedication of our teams, I am confident that we will meet our near and long-term targets. We take pride in building a net-zero emissions delivery business for the planet, for our communities and for our customers,”, said Yves Delmas, CEO of GeoPost/DPDgroup.

In order to achieve science-based net-zero targets by 2040, Geopost/DPDgroup will focus on:

  • Electrifying the first and last mile delivery fleet by increasing the share of alternative transport solutions (including electric vans, cargo bikes and delivery on foot) to 85% by 2030. (100% 2035.).
  • Diversifying the linehaul fleet to include alternative powertrain techologies such as biogas, biofuel, electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, as well as shifting more parcels to rail to increase the share of alternative linehaul transport solutions to 50% by 2030 (100% in 2040).
  • Switching to renewable energy to power logistic sites and offices and driving towards, more energy efficiency, with the objective of using 70% of energy from renewable sources by 2030 (100% 2035.).
  • Electrifying the fleet of company cars and on-site of the fleet of official cars and trucks by increasing the share of electric vehicles to 90% by 2030 (100% in 2035).

The scientifically based net-zero goals cover our 20 largest business units in Europe, including Croatia, and as we have already stated, are aligned with the most ambitious GHG emissions to limit the global temperature increase to 1,5°C above preindustrial levels.

For more information about sustainability and our initiatives, read at: https://www.dpd.com/hr/en/about-us/sustainability/



Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager


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