7. October 2020 | Innovations

We have activated the COD option via the WSPay payment system for all consignees, without any cost for our clients!

Given that Cash On Delivery - C.O.D. is one of the most popular DPD services and in order to provide a unique user experience to the end customers, along with the possibility of COD payment with cash on delivery, we have previously offered a special benefit for this type of service - online payment via secure credit card authorization system in real-time, WSPay. In order to encourage consignees to use WSPay payment option, we have decided to offer this option to all consignees till the end of 2020.

As almost 50% of consignees decide to use COD option, we believe that the fast, secure and transparent online payment option of COD amount for a parcel that has already gone on delivery is interesting and useful. Consignees can pay the COD amount at once or in instalments, up to six instalments.

Below you can find out more on how the WSPay payment system works.

How does the WSPay work?

Firstly, the consignee will receive a notification about expected parcel delivery, and then a notification containing a link to the WSPay system. The parcel recipient will not have to worry about having enough cash with them as they have the option to pay for the parcel online with one of the following cards: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa or Diners. The recipient can choose between one-time or instalment payment of the COD amount.

If the recipient decides to pay for the parcel via the WSPay system, the courier who delivers the parcel to him will automatically receive the information about payment to his scanner. Additionally, the advantages of this option are the reduction of cash handling and the acceleration of the delivery processes themselves.



Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager


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