The trend of online shopping has been growing strongly in recent years and it is expected that it will continue to do so in the future.

Given that cash on delivery (COD) is one of the most popular services at DPD, we wanted to provide parcel recipients with a unique user experience and secure parcel payment option.

Pay for the parcel before the courier arrives

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Pay for the parcel before the courier arrives

In order to provide the end recipients of the parcels with a unique user experience, in addition to the possibility of cash payment on delivery, we also offer a special benefit for this type of service – online payment through a secure online credit card authorization system in real time, WSPay.

Recipients of parcels can pay online, receiving the payment link on the day of delivery in Viber/SMS or e-mail message. Payment is possible until the courier arrives or until the parceli s redirected to one of our many Pickup locations.

With online payment with Mastercard®, Aircash Mastercard®, Maestro®, Visa® and Visa Premium® cards, the KEKS Pay application, but also with Aircash – the first Croatian digital wallet and PayCek, DPD makes picking up parcels easier!

Payment can be made in one time or in instalments, up to six instalments.

Instalment payment is currently possible for the following cards: Mastercard (Zagrebačka banka), Erste-Diners, PBZ – Visa Premium.

For more information, you can contact us at [email protected] or +385 (0)1 3430 600.

If the recipient wants to redirect the parcel with COD to the Pickup location and wants to pay for it via the WSPay system, then it is necessary to make an online payment before changing the delivery conditions to the Pickup location.

If the recipient redirects the parcel with COD to the Pickup location, we would kindly ask you to not use the WSPay system anymore.

You will still be able to redirect the parcel to the Pickup location. Payment for parcels will be still possible, but only in cash.

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How WSPay works?

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Notification with link to WSPay

On the delivery day recipient receives a notification about the delivery followed by a link to WSPay

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Entering of the parcel number

On the link, the recipients enters his e-mail and parcel number.



The recipient can pay for the parcel with credit cards, PayCek, Keks Pay or Aircash.


Proof of payment

After successful payment, the recipient receives a payment confirmation by SMS/e-mail



If recipient pay before the courier arrives, the courier will receive this information on scanner.