Smooth delivery throughout Brexit

Smooth delivery throughout Brexit

On 24 December 2020, the new EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement was agreed in principle and has come into force on 1 January 2021.

From 1 January, the trade and movement of goods between the UK and the EU are subject to the new terms and rules outlined in the Agreement. It has been agreed that for many products no import duties have to be paid on both sides.

For our parcel industry, it means that between the UK and the EU:

  • Detailed data are required to export goods
  • Customs declarations are required for each parcel
  • The goods sent are subject to VAT (and duties when applicable)
  • Inspections may take place on some goods imported or exported
  • Rates change as a result of customs handling
  • Transit times may increase because of linehaul changes and potentially customs checks

DPDgroup will maintain operations as usual between the UK and the EU so that trade continues to be as frictionless and smooth as possible.

In order for the Brexit not to have a negative impact on your business, it is necessary to be informed and meet all the prerequisites for the smooth dispatch of shipments. For this purpose, we have prepared guides with all the necessary information, which you can find and download below.

Find out more about the data to be provided by customers

Read our "Brexit Guide"

Familiarize yourself with key information

Read our "DPD Brexit Guide_4 key first steps for customers"

As of 1 January 2021, for the B2C goods with a value below 135£ that will be shipped to the UK, the UK supply VAT will apply and will have to be paid by the shipper

After Brexit

Exports to the UK - Goods below 135£

Temporary suspension of the service Collection Request after Brexit occurs


When Brexit occurs there will be a temporary suspension of the service Collection Request cross-border to/from UK.

We follow the recommendation of the Brexit Project group and align with the D-Day approach to suspend the service as of 21st of December 2020. The suspension includes all cross-border Collection Requests with UK as requesting BU, UK as collecting BU or UK as destination BU.

In case of UK as collecting BU (in other words UK as origin BU), customers must be informed by their respective BU‘s that they cannot order Collection Requests in UK until further notice. If orders are placed, they will NOT be blocked via the on the Central Data Base (CDB) to allow feedback to the requesting BU of a Collection Request refusal. Please ensure in this case that the customer is notified that the order was stopped.

In case of UK as requesting BU, customers must be informed by the UK that they cannot request this service and cannot select UK as parcel destination BU until further notice. If orders are placed, they will NOT be blocked to allow feedback to UK of a Collection Request refusal.

As a summary, for all Collection Request from and to UK or ordered by DPD UK from 21st of December 2020:
• no Collection Request order should be placed
• in case of mistake and a Collection Request order is placed, it has to be refused by the collecting BU.

For more detailed information and all additional inquiries contact us at: [email protected]