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What to do when your parcel arrived damaged?

Everyday we pay attention and effort to send your parcels. Each client and each parcel is equally important to us.

However, in every business mistakes are inevitable, so in some emergency situations, the parcel may be damaged. To ensure that your parcel arrives at your destination, it is important to provide adequate inner and outer packaging. Useful details and package instructions can be found HERE.

It is useful to know in case of damage:

  • The actual value of the parcel is paid up to a maximum of EUR 520.00.
  • In case you send a parcel that has a value of more than EUR 520,00, we recommend activating additional insurance.
  • If the parcel is damaged and not insured, DPD Croatia d.o.o. covers the insurance for the value of the parcel in the amount of up to EUR 520.00 which amounts to the basic insurance parcel included in the fare.

After reporting a malicious event by the Service Provider and inspecting the damaged parcel by an insurer, DPD employee will notify the damaged User of the Service that he / she must submit the following documentation:


  • Reclamation record,
  • customer account (commercial invoice) or invoice from the supplier (credible document showing the purchase value of the item that was sent),
  • an invoice to the Service Provider on the basis of which it is undoubtedly the real value of the damaged or reduced parcel content.


If the Service Provider fails to provide credible information on the purchase value of the item, then it is obliged to submit the account it has issued to its buyer. In that case, the service provider will pay the amount in the amount calculated so that 20% of the amount of that commercial invoice (customer invoice) is deducted, including any rebate to the buyer.


If you want to report the damage, you can do so via e-mail [email protected] or via Queries regarding parcel damage.