26. November 2019 | News

Parcel stop Finland

Due to a strike on the part of various Finnish services, such as the Finnish Postal Service and various ferry services, we are forced to impose a parcel embargo on Finland. This means that until further notice you will no longer be able to present any parcels with Finland as their final destination. How long this strike will last is unknown. 
Parcels destined for Finland provided to DPD since Monday 25 November will be put into storage until further notice, and will be delivered in Finland as soon as the strike is over. 
We will of course keep you informed of the delivery of parcels in Finland and will let you know as soon as possible when parcels can once again be sent to Finland. We are deploying all possible resources to be able to resume delivery in Finland as soon as possible.
Should you have any questions about this halt in the shipment of parcels, please contact your DPD contact.