5. March 2021 | Press release

DPD announces record year

DPD Netherlands reveals the 2020 results. In a fast-growing parcel market, DPD Netherlands achieved a turnover of 509.4 million euros. That is an increase in turnover of 28% compared to 2019. The number of parcels delivered also increased by 28% compared to 2019: DPD Netherlands delivered 77.5 million parcels worldwide. Worldwide, DPDgroup achieved a record: compared to 2019, DPDgroup achieved a turnover growth of 42% with 11 billion euros in turnover and a doubling of the profit compared to 2019: 800 million euros.

Covid-19 led to an unexpected surge for the global parcel delivery. Countrywide lockdowns, self-isolation and preventative measures prompted a soar in deliveries. This required rapid adjustments to meet this increasing demand and to safeguard business continuity. Partly due to the new sorting machine in Oirschot, DPD Netherlands has coped well with this constant peak. In order to deliver the parcels on time, DPD Netherlands has deployed 300 a number of extra employees.


Eric Dietz, CEO DPD Netherlands: “We realize that 2020 has been a very difficult year for many entrepreneurs. It was a tropical year for us and our people worked hard day and night to meet the enormously increased need for parcel delivery. I am proud that we have all succeeded in meeting that demand, while at the same time 98% of the packages were still delivered within the agreed time. ”

Acceleration of trends

The corona crisis ensured that trends that were actually only expected in 2024, occurred much earlier. Such as a greater logistics demand in the cities and more attention to ecological responsibility. The market also noticed a significant shift towards B2C, as it represented 55% of the volume in 2020.

International achievements

Worldwide DPDgroup, the leader in the B2B market in Europe, delivered 1.9 billion parcels in 2020. That is 7.5 million parcels per day. Compared to the year before, this is an increase of 500 million parcels. On the record day, Cyber Monday, DPDgroup delivered no less than 13.9 million parcels worldwide.


A glimpse into the future

DPD group aims to double its 2020 revenue to achieve €21 billion by 2025. At the same time, there are ambitious sustainability targets. To achieve these goals, the organization focuses on data-driven thinking, customer focus and green innovation. Eric Dietz: “Flexibility and continuous improvement of delivery service are paramount. In addition, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions per parcels by 30% by 2025 (compared to 2013), resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions of 89% and pollutants of 80% in the major cities.