21. July 2021 | News

The differences between DPD Home and DPD CLASSIC

DPD has different kinds of services for companies, including DPD Home and DPD CLASSIC. But what exactly are the differences between them? We explain below.

DPD Home

  • Choose DPD Home if you're sending a parcel to a consumer.
  • DPD Home includes the Predict service as standard, which means the recipient will receive a message the day before the delivery. In this message, we offer the recipient the possibility to change the delivery. On the morning of delivery, the recipient will receive another message with the one-hour time slot within which the parcel will be delivered. The recipient can also follow the parcel via live tracking.
  • DPD Home includes one delivery attempt. If the recipient is not at home and the parcel cannot be delivered to neighbours, it will be delivered to a Pickup parcelshop, where the recipient can collect it at a convenient time.


  • If you would like to send a parcel to a business address, choose DPD Classic.
  • Predict is an option with DPD CLASSIC.
  • DPD CLASSIC includes three delivery attempts. If the parcel can't be delivered the first time, it will be returned to the depot and we will tray again the next working day. If the driver is still unable to deliver the parcel, the recipient can make an appointment for delivery.

Choose the right service code and avoid delays and returns

It’s important to choose the right service for the type of recipient. If you’re sending to a consumer, choose DPD Home. And if you're sending to a business address, choose DPD CLASSIC. If you choose DPD CLASSIC to send a parcel to a consumer, this may cause unnecessary delays and returns. For example, your package could be delivered to a Pickup parcelshop, but we won’t be able to inform the recipient because we won’t have their contact details.