22. September 2021 | News

Asking for reviews so that we can keep improving

What exactly are the wishes and experiences of our customers and recipients? At DPD we are always seeking the answer to that question. The better we understand the needs of our customers and recipients, the better we can adapt and improve our service.

Previously we started asking people to whom we delivered a parcel to their home whether they would post a review. This request resulted in a score of 7.8! Since last month we have also been asking recipients who collect their parcel in a Pickup parcelshop to post a review via Kiyoh. And that’s something we’re also proud of, because we score an impressive 8.8. This score is based on around 1750 reviews. So your customers are very satisfied with the service they receive in the Pickup parcelshops!

There may be times, of course, that we receive less positive reviews. In that case we will investigate exactly is going on. Our retail team will contact the Pickup parcelshop to hear the other side of the story and see what support DPD can offer.

Since 1 June we have also been asking Pickup parcelshops throughout the Benelux to rate their experience of the drivers. This project is called ‘Ranking the driver’. Here too, our retail team will contact the drivers if we receive disappointing scores.

This is how we work throughout the chain to provide the best possible service for our customers, and for their customers!