22. September 2021 | News

We all share the #SameAddress

DPD has a big green heart, and that’s something we are proud of. That’s why in June we launched ‘We all share the #SameAddress’. Under this European motto, we have featured and explained in more detail a number of sustainability ambitions. And in September we are continuing where we left off.

From September onwards you will see again on social media various films and posts about sustainability. For example, from October onwards DPD will be appearing four times in ‘Doe maar Duurzaam’, the RTLZ programme all about sustainable business. During these episodes we will be telling you more about the importance of sustainable delivery services and about our ambitions. In addition, we will be discussing Project Breathe, launched by DPD to measure air quality in the biggest European cities including Rotterdam and The Hague. We also give an explanation of our e-bikes, buses and lorries.

So if you want to know more about sustainability at DPD, keep an extra close eye on our social media, because We all share the #SameAddress.