The e-shopper survey by DPDgroup explores the latest trends in online shopping and delivery preferences in Europe and beyond. Conducted in 2021 the data were gathered through blind online interviews with 40,000 e-shoppers  in 21 European countries and in total 33 countries worldwide.

Meet our e-shoppers

A short profile:

1. Smartphone in hand at all times​
2. Find e-shopping convenient and stress-free​
3. Seek for reviews and recommendations before buying

A short profile:

1. Seek pleasure from an e-shopping experience​
2. Love simplifying their lifestyle​
3. Are willing to pay extra to facilitate their daily lives

A short profile:

1. Use e-commerce out of necessity ​
2. Prefer desktop/laptop for e-shopping​
3. Less likely to use social media

A short profile:

1. Reactive to negative online feedback​
2. Sensitive to delivery fees​
3. Favor sustainable delivery solutions

A short profile:

1. Choose to buy online only when the price is right​
2. Prefer home delivery​
3. Often use lockers in order to pick parcels conforming their personal schedule

Comparing e-shoppers' behaviour in different countries

The e-shopper barometer includes a results comparison tool, that allows you to better understand the way in which each country fares based on a number of different criteria. Just fill in the country and go.

Key takeaways

  1. E-shopping has become a part of everyday life with a key role to play in New Commerce.
  2. As e-shopping has become a normal habit, consumers’ expectations are increasing and e-shoppers are still very satisfied with the whole e-shopping experience (purchase, delivery, return).
  3. Sustainability has become a major expectation throughout the value chain, but e-shoppers associate a sustainable purchase mostly with the product itself.
  4. Fresh food & beverages are the clear winners of product category sales, especially fresh and ready-to-eat food.
  5. Parcel lockers have gained popularity and are now as frequently used as parcel shops.


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