Reusable packaging

Pilot in Amsterdam Pickup parcelshops

herbruiikbare verpakking herbruiikbare verpakking

Reusable packaging

Pilot in Amsterdam Pickup parcelshops

In April 2023, DPD Netherlands, together with Vinted, will test reusable packaging through Pickup parcel shops in Amsterdam. The aim of this trial is to investigate the experience of both sender and receiver. Depending on the outcome of the trial, we can offer a sustainable option and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Why this pilot of reusable packaging?

Herbruikbare verpakking Herbruikbare verpakking

Why this pilot of reusable packaging?

The parcels DPD receives often consist of oversized cardboard boxes, plastic bags and wrapped with unnecessary plastic tape. Also, very often unsustainable bubble plastic is used to refill the oversized boxes. We need to be able to do this differently. With our valued customer Vinted, we looked at packaging and decided to do a trial with reusable packaging.

Customer label

Seller on Vinted

Have you sold a product on Vinted and selected DPD in the checkout?

  1. Take your product with you without packaging if you ship via one of the 45 participating shops.
  2. The staff member at a DPD point will give you reusable packaging.
  3. Put your product in the reusable packaging.
  4. Show your digital label in your Vinted e-mail or app and you're done.
  5. The employee at the DPD point will take care of the correct label and the reusable packaging will go via DPD safely to the buyer of your product.
Customer label
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Recipient of a Vinted parcel

Are you a recipient and receive your Vinted order in reusable packaging?

  1. You will be notified when your Vinted parcel has been delivered to the DPD point
  2. Come to the DPD point and bring your own bag
  3. You will receive your product in reusable packaging
  4. Take your product out of the reusable packaging
  5. Put the product in your own bag to take home
  6. The reusable packaging remains at the DPD point

Did you take the reusable packaging home by mistake?

Then return it to a DPD point as soon as possible. This is because it is the property of DPD and we will gladly use it again for a shipment in reusable packaging.

Module 25a
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What is the material made of?

Well-packaged with NOBOX

NOBOX is a reusable shipping packaging produced by Atelier Revive. It is leftover PVC tarpaulin assembled by women distanced from the labour market with the aim of gaining labour market experience. The material is good quality, user-friendly and can take a beating. The NOBOX is available in three sizes at the DPD point:

  1. S > 35 cm high x 25 cm wide > about 250 grams
  2. M > 35 cm high x 25 cm wide x 13 cm deep > approximately 350 grams
  3. L > 35 cm high x 25 cm wide x 26 cm deep > approximately 500 grams
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