Replacement Shipping report

DPD Insights is the new monitoring tool

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Replacement Shipping report

DPD Insights is the new monitoring tool

DPD is upgrading its IT systems and that includes its monitoring tool. After de summer of 2023, we will permanently replace Shipping report with DPD Insights. In this new monitoring tool you will find the most important functionalities from Shipping report and more. On this page you will also find more information about the advantages of DPD Insights and the differences.


Why is Shipping report being replaced?

  1. Time for a new, fresh and more user-friendly tool that is better suited to today's needs and requirements

  2. More possibilities to expand and improve functionalities

  3. Future-proof thanks to connection to the changed IT systems within DPD


What does DPD Insights offer you?

  1. Full overview of your shipped parcels

  2. Insight in expected delivery date and time per parcel

  3. Insight in actual measured dimensions and weight per parcel

  4. Insight into given redirects by recipient

  5. More customer-oriented Track&Trace

  6. Direct access to Proof of Delivery (POD)

  7. User management by you with roles and rights possibility

  8. Reporting dashboard

You can find more information about DPD Insights here.


Instruction DPD Insights


Short introduction of DPD Insights to monitor your shipments

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I want to continue using Shipping report. Is that possible?

Shipping report will no longer be populated with new data. As a result, it is not possible to continue using Shipping report.

More parcels have been delivered on time than in Shipping report and the leadtime is different, how is that possible?

DPD Insights calculates maturity in a different way from Shipping report. As a result, there may be differences between the two tools. The maturity of a parcel in DPD Insights starts from the first scan at a DPD depot until the driver's delivery scan. In addition, DPD Insights uses the maximum maturity applicable per destination country instead of an average maturity.

Why are the reasons for delays different in DPD Insights than in Shipping report?

The reasons for delays have not changed, but bundled in a different way. In DPD Insights, this is by category rather than 'guilty'.

My password reset is not working, now what?

First check that you have used the correct combination of username and e-mail address. The username always contains an @. If this does not work, please contact us via email: [email protected].

I can't log into Shipping report anymore. What should I do?

Shipping report will be replaced by DPD Insights. Log in to our latest tool to monitor your parcels.

I get an error message when logging into DPD Insights. What should I do?

First check that you have used the correct combination of username and password. The user name always contains an @. Also pay attention to the correct use of capital letters in the password and any spaces. If this does not work, use the 'Forgot password' option to create a new password.

I get an error message when logging into DPD Insights using my DPD Shipper credentials. What should I do?

You can login to DPD Insights using the same login details as for your DPD Shipper Central account. If this does not work, you may have used login details from another variant of DPD Shipper or you do not have the correct rights. In the latter case, contact your organisation's DPD Insights administrator. If you do not know this person, please contact us using this form.

I don't see all my parcels in DPD Insights, how is that possible?

DPD Insights only shows parcels created after activation of your account. Older parcels only become visible when the status of the parcel changes.

Why do I no longer see who is guilty of a delay?

The purpose of providing insight into the reason for delay is to provide insight into the problem, not to assign blame. Based on the description of the categories, however, it can be seen which party can influence this.