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ADR - Hazardous goods- Limited Quantities.

DPD does not ship hazardous goods (ADR European transport policy). These include:

  • Explosive materials and weapons.
  • Compressed or liquid gas
  • Inflammable liquids or solids
  • Materials susceptible to spontaneous combustion
  • Materials which develop inflammable gas on contact with water
  • Combustible materials
  • Organic peroxides and poisonous materials
  • Caustic materials and substances which can cause infection
  • All other materials considered hazardous to humans and the environment *


Shipping hazardous substances is permitted in certain cases, if your parcel:

  • Does not contain any substance on the ADR product list. Click table A, column 7a, for ADR’s chapter 3.2.
  • Fulfils ADR’s conditions set out in part 3, chapter 3.4.

Does your parcel conform to the preceding rules and regulations? If so, we can process your parcel in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

The following postcodes are an exception, because there is limited transport access, such as tunnels.

CH 6500-CH 6564

Kanton Tessin (Schweiz) Gotthard Straßentunnel

DK 3790

Hasle Ferry

CH 6566-CH 6999

Kanton Tessin (Schweiz) Gotthard Straßentunnel

DK 4040

Jyllinge Ferry

DE 18565

Hiddensee Ferry

DK 4230

Skælskør Ferry

DE 258-46/47/49

Pellworm Ferry

DK 4300

Holbæk Ferry

DE 25859

Hallig Hooge Ferry

DK 4592

Serejø Ferry

DE 25863

Langeneß Ferry

DK 4772

Langebæk Ferry

DE 25869

Hallig Oland/Hallig Gröde/Habel Ferry

DK 4773

Stensved Ferry

DE 259-29/38/39

Föhr Ferry

DK 4930

Maribo Ferry

DE 25940/47/52

Amrum Ferry

DK 4944

Fejø Ferry

DE 25845

Nordstrandischmoor Ferry

DK 8300

Odder Ferry

DE 26465

Langeoog Aeroplane

DK 8700

Horsens Ferry

DE 26474

Spiekeroog Aeroplane

DK 6100

Haderslev Ferry

DE 26486

Wangerooge Aeroplane

DK 6200

Aabenraa Ferry

DE 26548

Norderney Ferry

DK 6760

Ribe Ferry

DE 26571

Juist Aeroplane

DK 9940

Laesø Ferry

DE 26579

Baltrum Aeroplane

DK 5592

Ejby Ferry

DE 26757

Borkum Ferry/Aeroplane

DK 5600

Faaborg Ferry

DE 27498

Helgoland Aeroplane

DK 5610

Assens Ferry

DK 3700

Rønne Ferry

DK 5620

Glamsbjerg Ferry

DK 3720

Aakirkeby Ferry

DK 5700

Svendborg Ferry

DK 3730

Nexø Ferry

DK 5900

Rudkøbing Ferry

DK 3740

Svaneke Ferry

DK 5960

Marstal Ferry

DK 3751

Østermarie Ferry

DK 5985

Søby Ferry

DK 3760

Gudhjem Ferry

DK 7600

Struer Kommune Ferry

DK 3770

Allinge Ferry

NO 9170/73/74/75/76/78

Svalbard Aeroplane

DK 3782

Klemensker Ferry


If you do not conform to the conditions above, we will impose a fine. Check our DPD Manual and our General Conditions for all the information about hazardous substances.

*For more information, please see Article 1 Member 1 under b in the Hazardous Substances Transport Law.