10. July 2020 | Products

Pickup locations

Dear users of DPD services,

Our Pickup network with more than 44,500 Pickup locations across Europe allows customers to pick up or send their package from almost any corner of Europe.

We would like to inform you that from 15 July 2020 onwards, we have 346 Pickup locations available in Slovenia.

Pošta Slovenije Pickup locations are no longer available from 13.7.2020., but many OMV service stations will be available instead, so from this date onwards, it will also be possible to pick up packages at one of the five OMV service stations in Ljubljana.

OMV LJUBLJANA ŠENTVID Celovška cesta 455 1000 Ljubljana

OMV LJUBLJANA ZALOŠKA NORTH Zaloška 157 1000 Ljubljana

OMV LJUBLJANA LITIJSKA Litijska cesta 40 1000 Ljubljana

OMV LJUBLJANA AIRPORT Letališka cesta 33b 1000 Ljubljana

OMV LJUBLJANA ZALOŠKA SOUTH Zaloška 158 1000 Ljubljana

Recipients will need a code to receive the parcel, which they will receive via SMS. When accepting the parcel, each customer will have to identify with a valid ID card or passport.

In the near future, we want to expand the collection of parcels at other OMV service stations in Slovenia, a total of 30 locations, so we will work strategically in this direction as well. In this way, we will enable our customers to pick up parcels even more easily and easily.

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Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager

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