We are an international reference in the field of sustainable delivery

Sustainability is the biggest challenge of our times. At DPDgroup, we are pioneering a truly sustainable business. It’s what drives us every dayWe aim to be a force for good in the world, joining forces with customers, consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders to make a positive difference to people, to our planet and to the communities we operate with.

DPDgroup is also at the forefront of the e-commerce revolution, touching the lives of millions of people every day – that’s another reason why we’re striving to be the most sustainable delivery company. Because wherever we live on Earth, we all share the same address.”

Jean-Claude Sonet, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Sustainability GeoPost/DPDgroup

Key figures and facts

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By 2025, we will deliver exclusively with low-emission vehicles in 225 European cities.


7,700 new low-emission vehicles by 2025


-30% of CO2 emissions per parcel by 2025

We all share #SameAdress

We all share #SameAdress

Borders are just lines drawn on a map. We are connected to each other. We are all neighbors. We believe that wherever you live, wherever you work, wherever we deliver your parcel, we all share the #SameAddress and we need to take care of our planet. That is why our goal at DPDgroup is to ensure that by 2025 we deliver parcel exclusively with low-emission vehicles in as many as 225 European cities.

Since 2013, we have reduced CO2 emissions per package by 18.8 %, and we will reduce emissions by 30 % by 2025.

Inspired and guided by the three pillars of the Sustainability Approach – 'People, Planet and Communities' – DPDgroup strives more than ever to create a social and environmental legacy that our children can be proud of.

Carbon neutral commitment
Discover how we have reduced our CO2 emissions per parcel by 18.8 % since 2013.

Smart urban delivery
Did you know that parcels in the centre of Maribor and Ljubljana are delivered by vehicles with reduced emissions? High levels of traffic density and pollution in inner cities require new solutions to parcel delivery operations. We are developing sustainable city logistics concepts in order to ensure deliveries to inner-city areas in future, too.

Closer communities
As a delivery company, we have many opportunities to generate contacts and build long-lasting relationships. Our ambition is to make a positive contribution to the communities we’re the closest to. We have a wide range of topics and areas in which our employees are involved: solidarity transport, disadvantaged children and youth, the elderly, health, education, poverty, and environment.

Air quality monitoring programme
Check out how we improve air quality for all citizens in 3 European cities

DPDgroup is committed to being a sustainable business

Discover our CSR commitments

Our vision of sustainable delivery