Our partners have recognized the advantages of the Pickup network

In cooperation with partners MOL, Petrol, OMV, Shell and Logo, as well as 3DVA kiosks, we have already opened more than 650 Pickup locations for picking up parcels.

The number is constantly increasing, as we are trying to expand our Pickup network throughout Slovenia.

petrol-energija-za-zivljenje-vector-logo-small petrol-energija-za-zivljenje-vector-logo-small

The company Petrol has more than 300 sales points throughout Slovenia. Fuel supply, coffee on the go and delicious Fresh food are just some of the reasons why many domestic and foreign visitors visit them every day.

In their varied offer, they also include the collection of parcels delivered by DPD.


The company MOL Slovenia has been present on the Slovenian market since 1996. There are currently 48 points of sale in Slovenia, where customers can make quick purchases, take care of their steel horse, and refresh themselves with excellent coffee in a pleasant atmosphere.

In addition to sales activities, MOL Slovenia also offers quick and easy collection of parcels delivered by DPD.

Trafika 3DVA Trafika 3DVA

The company Tobačna 3DVA has its own network of 198 sales points throughout Slovenia. Sales points are scattered in the most frequented locations.

The kiosks also cover pedestrian zones in Slovenia very well, as they are present in all city centers.

In addition to a wide range of products and services, they also offer the collection of parcels (up to 15 kg) delivered by DPD.

shell shell

The company Shell Adria was founded in 1994. In its almost 30-year history, they managed to create significant business success.

They currently have more than 30 branches in Slovenia where, in addition to other services, they also offer the collection of parcels delivered by DPD.

These partnerships strengthen our logistics network and ensure better connections to all parts of the country.

You can pick up the parcel without worry, as the pickup deadline is 7 calendar days, and before the parcel is delivered, you will receive a notification via SMS/e-mail with the delivery date and a link to the portal, through which you can change the date or address of the desired Pickup location.

If you are interested in the exact location of your package at the time of delivery, you can also check this on the portal.

Picking up parcels has never been so fast and easy!