When it comes to classical parcel shipping, DPD Home / DPD Business is the ideal choice. You benefit from fast standard delivery times, total reliability and outstanding value for money throughout Europe. Whether it's Live-Tracking for consignees or transport insurance – with DPD Home / DPD Business lots of services are already included. In addition we offer a wide range of supplementary options which are tailor-made for your shipping requirements.

Your benefits at a glance


Fast standard delivery times

Within Slovenia, we get your parcels to their destination in 1 business day.


Everything under control

Online proof of delivery, including recipient's confirmation of receipt (P.O.D.) on the Internet.


Secure shipping

With us, insurance of up to €520 per parcel is included. As a contracting party, you can also ask for higher insurance, up to a maximum of €13,000.


Customised solutions

Thanks to our wide range of supplementary options you receive parcel shipping which is exactly in line with your requirements.

Parcel shipping at a glance

No more waiting for parcels - thanks to Predict

You will be inform in advance about the expected delivery day by Viber / SMS or e-mail.

Offers the possibility to change the date of the delivery at least before the first delivery attempt.

You will be informed about the exact delivery hour by Viber / SMS or e-mail so you can easily organize your day.

Allows to follow the delivery in progress. Displays the location of our driver in relation to the delivery address, counts down the delivery queue and reduces the time window of delivery live up to 30 minutes.

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Our supplementary options

Higher insurance

All standard DPD parcels are automatically insured to the sum of 520 € per parcel. You do not have to worry about that. If you want, you can additionally insure your parcels as a contracting party. With the consent of the DPD and with the payment of an additional premium, an agreement on a larger sum insured can be agreed up to a maximum of € 13,000. In case you want to secure your parcels for values ​​above € 520, please send us a completed and validated form with the required attachments to the e-mail address [email protected]. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified of the approval or rejection of your request. For parcels to be submitted to DPD prior to the written approval of the request, higher insurance will not be valid. You can download the Application below.  Pricelist for higher insurance can be downloaded here.


If you like to play it safe when it comes to payment processing, simply make use of our cash-on-delivery service. It's easy, quick and safe too. We will only deliver your parcel in return for immediate payment - with a maximum amount of 2,500 €.  COD services enable fast, secure and transparent payment method. It is a much more reliable process, which is doubled checked at every level and offers additional financial reports. When using COD services the risk of insolvency is much lower, also the financial liquidity is improved. The money is transferred back to the consignee in three to five days. Also, we offer a special convenience for this type of service - online payment through a secure online credit card authorization system, WSPay.

C.O.D. service is available in Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary - condition: bank account in Hungary.

Collection request

We pick up the goods which are to be returned and then deliver them to you or to a third party, the manufacturer, for example.

For distribution in Slovenia see standard shipping rates for Slovenia, while the cost of collecting abroad are in the international price list.

Customer service will be happy to inform you about the necessary preconditions.


Return of certified documents from the recipient upon delivery of your parcel. The shipper can attach his own invoice or other documents to the parcel. The consignee has to sign and stamp during receipt of the parcel. DPD sends back the signed documents to the shipper. For additional information please contact us [email protected].


ID - check

If you want to be really sure, we offer an ID-check with our domestic shippment. Delivery is exclusively to the person you nominate, who must produce their identification document (identity card, passport or driving licence). The delivery is documented in our system together with a section of the ID number, and so can be easily tracked by you.

Exchange Service

The ideal solution for complaints and guarantee claims. We collect the new goods from you, bring them to the customer, and then bring the faulty shipment back to you. The benefits are no delays for your customers, and the best possible goods-flow monitoring for you. You can obtain detailed information about the exchange service at your depot.

Desk delivery

Desk Delivery is a service that includes delivery only on the office desk to a person you nominate - parcel should not be left at reception.

Premium packaging

This service provides safe packaging of documents and lighter and smaller goods in domestic and international traffic. Pricelist for premium packaging can be downloaded on the Price list page.

Here you can download application for higher insurance

Wine shipping

Versender - DPD - Paket - Weinversand Versender - DPD - Paket - Weinversand

Wine shipping

Ship your wine reliably fast.

With our tested and certified transport packaging we ensure especially secure shipping for wine and sparkling wine – from pickup to delivery to your customers.

Whether you send parcels occasionally for private purposes or you send them for business purposes, regardless if they are small or large: DPD provides you with the right solution for domestic and international delivery. Seize the opportunity of our customized services and innovative additional options.

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