We have prepared a number of tips for you that will make your application for a job at DPD even more successful. Read the tips below.


Things to consider

  • You can apply for a job by applying online.

  • Your application should include a CV and a cover letter is recommended.

  • It is recommended that you send your CV and cover letter in PDF format.

Cover letter

How to write a good cover letter?

Include in the letter:

  • How/where did you find out about DPD and the vacancy

  • Where do you currently work and what experience do you have that would be useful in the open position

  • Why would you like to work for us and what attracted you the most in the job description

  • Why you are the right person for the vacancy


Introduce yourself...

The CV should contain:

  • Your description and brief presentation

  • Contact information and personal information (place of residence, date of birth,...)

  • Previous work experience (they should be listed in chronological order from the last job to the first)

  • Education, courses, certificates...