Security at DPD.

Security at DPD.

We regret that there are repeated illegal attempts to misuse the DPD brand in order to defraud third parties. Here you will learn the main details about current risks relating to the Internet and email, and how you can protect yourself against them. 

Please note:

DPD accepts no liability for damage which arises from the unauthorised use of our name or brand. This applies in particular to demands for payment which are made with fraudulent intentions.

If you wish to ask a question or provide information you can contact us directly at any time.

Your parcels are in the right hands

Shipping service with DPD Slovenia is not only fast, reliable and professional, but thanks to the AEO certificate conformation also very safe. We take your packages with a maximum level of responsibility, because our processes offer security for all – our clients, our employees and our international network.

DPD Slovenia received the AEO certificate – a status of safe and reliable international business partner

In March 2013 DPD Slovenia made a step forward and became a more competitive company in the field of logistics. We received the AEO certificate – the certificate gave us a status of authorized economic operator for customs simplification / protection and security. Our company needed to meet certain conditions that are necessary to get this status. These conditions are precisely examined and conferred by Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. The AEO certificate is valid in the EU Member States and shows DPD’s credibility.

This certificate will reduce logistic delays and administrative costs. Because of the reduced surveillance packages, transported by DPD, can now go through customs more quickly and efficiently.  In the case of revision DPD packages have priority over other packages and that results in lower costs and higher time efficiency, which is definitely one of the advantages for our customers.