You can check the status of your parcel at any time by simply entering the 14-digit tracking number of the parcel in the box above and check when you can expect delivery.

Frequently asked questions

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Where is my parcel?

We give each parcel its own parcel number. On the basis of this number you can track the progress of your parcel in parcel tracking and if necessary arrange for delivery on a different day or to a different location.

Why is my parcel at the delivery centre? What can I do?

If your parcel is at the delivery centre you can arrange for a new delivery in Follow My Parcel portal. You simply enter the parcel number and the location and date for the delivery.

What number do I use to track/redirect my parcel?

In order to track / redirect a parcel, use the 14-digit parcel number provided by the sender when sending the parcel. If you want to divert your parcel to another place or change the day of delivery, enter your parcel number in Follow My Parcel. After that, you can choose when and where you want DPD to deliver your parcel. When forwarding a parcel to another address, the delivery time is extended by one or two working days.

If necessary, can I change the delivery?

The last change option entered is always valid.

Can I provide a deposit okay for a family member?

You can only provide a deposit okay for your own parcels. Your family member can provide the deposit okay in a separate account.