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Legal and copyright notice



The website is intended for informing the public about the services (products) offered by the company DPD d.o.o. and about procedures for sending, receiving and returning packages. The website also contains current information related to the situation in the world, which may affect the performance of services by the company DPD d.o.o.

The legal notice is in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and applies to all visitors and users of the website, individual applications and related websites, unless otherwise specified on an individual link.

The term user refers to each visitor to the website.

By accessing this website, the user agrees that he is fully familiarized with this legal notice and that he agrees to all the conditions below, under civil and criminal liability.

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All content published on the website, including the graphic image of the website with all graphic elements, is a copyrighted work of the company DPD d.o.o. and / or its affiliates and / or its contractual partners in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 16/07 - official consolidated text, 68/08, 110/13, 56/15 and 63/16 - ZKUASP), the contents are also protected from the point of view of all other intellectual property rights.

Documents published on the website may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that no intellectual property rights are infringed. The authors of the content are not liable for any harmful consequences of use. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, public display and broadcasting and other forms of exploitation of the copyright work without the express written permission of the company DPD d.o.o. is prohibited.


Materials and data on the website are given as such and in connection with them the company DPD d.o.o. does not give any guarantees. DPD d.o.o. will prepare the content of the website carefully and will ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data with all due diligence, but warns users that the data is informative and therefore the company DPD d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data and for any damage, inconvenience or consequence from access, use (including, but not limited to, misinterpretation of the statements on the website), inability to use the website or resulting from possible errors, incompleteness or inaccuracies in the information.

The company DPD d.o.o. (nor any other legal or natural person who participated in the creation and production of this website) is in no case liable for any damage arising from or in connection with the existence or operation of this website. The company DPD d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for any possible viruses that may be transmitted to users from the website in question, and recommends that users be adequately protected against the risk of viruses before any information is transmitted from the website in question.

The user uses the website at his own risk, and the user assumes full responsibility for any loss that may arise from the use of this website.

In connection with the use of this website DPD d.o.o. assumes no liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential damages or damages arising from penalty or any other damages, whether arising out of a contract, regulation, claim for damages (including any form of negligence) or otherwise refers to the use of this website. This limitation of liability also applies to employees of the company DPD d.o.o.

In the event that the website contains links to other websites, independent of the website in question, DPD d.o.o. is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information contained in any such links or on other websites and DPD d.o.o. has no influence on the design and content of such websites. The link to other websites is provided solely for the purpose of making it easier for the user to browse the web for information. Such websites are accessed by each individual at their own risk. The company DPD d.o.o. reserves the right to expressly authorize any link to its website and to withdraw its consent to such links at any time.

Any attempt at unauthorized, malicious or otherwise harmful use of the website is prohibited and punishable.

DPD d.o.o. will not allow and enable on the website the content that constitutes a criminal offence, that would incite ethnic, racial, religious or other intolerance, that would be offensive, that would constitute misuse of personal data, that would constitute an infringement of copyright and related rights and personality rights. DPD d.o.o. in accordance with the provision of the third paragraph of Article 8 of the Electronic Commerce on Market Act (ZEPT, Official Gazette of the RS, No. 96/09 - official consolidated text and 19/15) is not obliged to control or store data sent or stored or actively investigate the circumstances indicating the illegality of the data provided by the user. Users inform DPD d.o.o. about the circumstances from which the illegality of certain contents on the website arise to the following e-mail address: [email protected] .


The company DPD d.o.o. will process all data collected on the website in accordance with the applicable legislation and the GDPR. Read more in the Privacy Policy published on the website.

The user does not need to identify himself for the use of this website for informational purposes. If the user sends his question, interest or inquiry via the contact form, he / she will give certain personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number). DPD d.o.o. undertakes to use and store this data in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data (read more in the Privacy Policy, available at ).

This site is not intended for persons under 16 years of age. Our policy does not cover the intentional collection or storage of data by persons under 16 years of age.


DPD d.o.o. reserves the right to change, add or remove content published on the website at any time without reason and prior notice.

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