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With DPD, the transport of your goods does not leave any trace of the environment.

Show your customers that your goods transportation is environmentally friendly and CO2-free. We have prepared a banner for you to place on your site. 

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) belongs to the greenhouse gases that accumulate in our atmosphere and cause global warming. 20% of CO2 comes from transport. Since we are a courier company, 90% of our emissions are produced by vehicles carrying parcels. Our goal is to achieve that each parcel shall be carbon neutral for all our customers and at no extra cost. This approach is particularly appreciated by customers who pay attention to the impact of their businesses on the environment.


How are we doing it?


Throughout the year the DPDgroup measures the amount of carbon dioxide which trucks and courier carriers discharge into the air in the course of their activity – delivery of the consignments. We reduce the amount of CO2 emissions for each parcel in road transport by using the vehicles with alternative drives optimizing routes and increasing the success rate of first-time  deliveries by means of the products Predict and Pickup.

We compensate the remaining emissions by financing environmental projects. In cooperation with the carbon market leader, the EcoAct, we support 6 environmental projects in Europe, Turkey and India which focus on renewable energy and energy conversion.

The result is that we compensate all the CO2 released into the air of our planet. All parcels delivered by DPD are thus carbon neutral and do not leave a trace on the environment.