20. September 2022 | Personal

Interview with Besarta

The voice behind DPD: Our Besarta

DPD: ‘How long have you been working at DPD Switzerland?’
Besarta: ‘I’ve been working in Marketing at DPD since January 2022.’


DPD: ‘How did you end up at DPD?’
Besarta: ‘The main reason was my interest in the logistics sector, especially parcel delivery services. This interest was the result of working in exports for three months with my previous employer. Even then I was hooked. I also gained insights into marketing and the customer experience while I was studying business management, which was a perfect match with the role at DPD. 😊’


DPD: ‘What field do you work in at DPD and what do you particularly like about it?’
Besarta: ‘As a customer experience specialist, I prepare evaluations and analyse the net promoter score, or NPS, among other responsibilities. I also advise and support internal stakeholders. I mainly work with points of contact such as depot managers, customer service staff or sales managers. I evaluate customer feedback, draw up improvements for processes and examine the feasibility of those improvements with a view to improving efficiency.

What I particularly enjoy about my work is that I have the chance to work with basically every department, so I can gain an impression of the entire corporate structure. I love familiarising myself with this all-round view in the company and having the opportunity to produce the best possible results for customers, be it by improving internal processes or communicating with customers directly.’

Besarta Zenku

DPD: ‘What does teamwork mean to you?’                    
Besarta: ‘To me, teamwork means being able to rely on one another and trusting one another. Loyalty plays an important part, especially in sports. That is the main thing I learned during the eight years in which I played handball. At the end of the day, wherever you are, you have to find common ground and not stubbornly impose your own point of view, because everyone doesn’t think in the same way.’


DPD: ‘How do you spend your time outside of work? Do you do any sports?’
Besarta: ‘Unfortunately, I don't currently have a sport to play because a cruciate ligament injury means I can no longer play handball. However, I do love to read in my spare time, especially psychological thrillers. I really enjoy grappling with the characters in the book and their mindsets, and putting myself in the situations emotionally. Funnily enough, I have also discovered cooking thanks to my experience in the job. Even in cooking, processes or methods can be optimised😋. Naturally, I also have a favourite food. It’s lasagne. To quote Garfield, “When the lasagne content in my blood gets low, I get mean.” :D’           


DPD: ’What’s your favourite season, an why?’
Besarta: ‘My favourite season is autumn because I don't like to sweat or shiver. Autumn is just perfect. I also feel at one with the environment in autumn. Another fun fact: there are loads more clothes to wear and ways to combine them in autumn. Very girly, I know. :D’


DPD: ‘Is there anything you would absolutely love to do even just once?’
Besarta: ‘I would never say no to volunteering, such as helping refugees in Eastern Europe. I love giving something back to people, so I will do this again at some point.’


DPD: ‘What is the best book you have ever read?’        
Besarta: ‘Definitely “Therapy” by Sebastian Fitzek. It cleverly plays with your own perception and reality. I like it so much because, truth be told, I didn’t understand it at first, but I refused to give up and so I ended up reading the book three times. It’s also the book that kindled my love of psychological thrillers.’


DPD: ‘What are you thankful for today?’                         
Besarta: ‘Today I’m thankful for my dinner. I’m having lasagne😊. In terms of my private life, I’m thankful for having the opportunity to offer support, help others and try to radiate positive energy.’

Written by:

Hannes Domröse

Digital Marketing