There is no receiving and sending parcels from Tallinn and Tartu DPD depots. Going to all DPD Eesti AS depots is forbitten due to COVID-19 virus!

COVID-19 news and tips

Please make sure when sending a consignment that the recipient can still receive the consignment!

PLEASE make sure before sending a parcel that the business partner or private individual can still receive the shipment consignment both in ESTONIA and INTERNATIONALLY.

If the recipient cannot receive the consignment, then unfortunately we will return it to the sender, because there we have no possibility to store consignments. If your company is closed or restrictions apply, please inform the DPD customer service at [email protected] It is also important to inform the DPD customer service if restrictions are lifted or changed.

Restrictions across Europe

  • In Germany, all parcel shops are temporarily closed. Shipments will not be accepted. Diversions to neighbors and pickup shops will also be denied.

  • In the Netherlands, all parcel shops are temporarily closed. Shipments will not be accepted. Parcel shop shipments will be redirected to home address.

  • Areas closed in Austria: 9844 Heiligenblut, 9931 Außervillgraten, 9943 Untertilliach. Delays may occur in the regions: 6441, 6450, 6456, 6184, 6183, 6181, 6167, 6500.

  • Partially closed areas in Croatia: 52000 - 52475.

Recommendations for the sender and recipient of a parcel:

  • Prefer contactless delivery, all consignments to private persons can be delivered contactless to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Upon delivery and receipt of a consignment, the recipient will receive an SMS / e-mail notification from the DPD courier prior to the delivery of the consignment, which includes a link to the self-service environment. By choosing contactless deliverythere, you can leave a note for the courier regarding where he can place the consignment at your address. Please keep the chosen location as quickly and easily accessible as possible and weatherproof.

  • Prefer a parcel locker. We ask all customers to send and receive parcels using a parcel locker if possible. For consignments for which home delivery has already been ordered, but where the parcel’s weight and dimensions allow it to be delivered to a parcel locker, DPD may also temporarily deliver such parcels to a parcel locker. You can make changes to the destination of your consignment in the DPD self-service environment.

  • When entering the PIN code on the touch screen of the parcel locker, we recommend washing and / or disinfecting your hands thoroughlybefore and after contact with the screen. Disposable plastic gloves can also be used to enter the PIN.