How can I keep myself and others safe while posting or receiving parcels during the virus season?

  • If possible, prefer contactless delivery service or parcel locker service.
  • If possible, send packages from a parcel locker.
  • We RECOMMEND washing and/or sanitizing your hands before and after touching the screen to insert the PIN to receive a package from a parcel locker.
  • If possible, use disposable rubber gloves to insert the PIN at the parcel locker.
  • Prepare your parcel in our self-service portal telli.dpd.ee (the package label can be printed at the parcel locker).
  • Please WEAR A MASK when meeting up with the courier!

What can you do for your parcels to arrive as fast as possible?

  • Make sure that your personal data is correct upon placing an order with an online shop.
  • Order the parcels to your closest parcel locker (list of DPD parcel lockers is available here: https://www.dpd.com/ee/en/receipt-of-consignments/pickup-points/) or book a delivery directly to your preferred location.
  • If possible, prefer contactless delivery.

How to order a contactless delivery?

Prior to the delivery, you as a recipient will receive an SMS/e-mail from the DPD courier including a link to the self-service portal. After clicking on the link DELIVER TO A SAFE PLACE you can leave a note for the courier on where they can leave the consignment at your address.

Special arrangements and recommendations for using DPD services

  • If the consignment is ordered to a home address, but the first delivery attempt fails, the DPD parcel is automatically delivered to the parcel locker closest to the client.
  • In case of two-man delivery service, the consignment is delivered by two DPD couriers to the agreed delivery address. The goods are unloaded from the delivery vehicle and delivered to the agreed spot, to the client’s door on the required floor. It is important to keep in mind that DPD couriers do not come inside your home, they deliver the goods to the door.
  • If the consignment is issued against cash on delivery (C.O.D.), we recommend and ask to choose a parcel locker to receive the parcel, if possible.
  • In case of the document return service, please try to reach an agreement with the other party to sign documents digitally to reduce contact.
  • For consignments delivered to an address by courier (e.g., C.O.D. and document return parcels), please wear a mask and disposable rubber gloves upon meeting the courier for delivery.

What should I do if I feel ill?

  • Please do not come to the parcel locker to pick up the consignment, stay home. Ask for an acquaintance or a friend to help you.
  • Receive the consignment CONTACT-FREE.

DPD security measures for the coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • The parcel locker touch screens are cleaned at each service time.
  • All DPD couriers and employees are required to wear a mask.
  • Third persons cannot enter the company premises.
  • For our clients we have implemented measures to send and receive parcels without contact. We ask for our clients to accept consignments without contact, if possible.
  • We serve our clients and offer services to the best of our abilities, according to the situation and its changes.
  • Due to the increase in the number of parcels sent, delivery time to your address or parcel locker may extend by a few days.
  • We ask our business clients to have instructions or contact details on the door of their business/shop on whom the courier should contact in relation to consignments.