3. May 2022 | Press news

DPD continues to grow with record operating results in 2021

Zagreb | May 2, 2022. | GeoPost / DPDgroup published record annual results with a 14% increase in revenue, with more than 2 billion parcels shipped worldwide and an operating profit of over one billion euros for the first time in its history.

In an environment still affected by the global health crisis, which has contributed to the strong growth dynamics of e-commerce, GeoPost / DPDgroup has played its role in supporting the recovery of economic activity worldwide and in 2021 achieved strong operational and financial results. The company has consolidated its development in key segments and continued its international expansion, whereby:

  • 14,7 billion € in revenue, an increase of 14,8% compared to the record 2020
  • realized operating profit of more than 1 billion euros (1,057 billion euros), which is an increase of 25% compared to 2020.
  • 2,1 billion parcels delivered worldwide, which is 8,4 million parcels per day
  • breaking the daily record of delivered parcels on cyber-Monday in November 2021 (+2% compared to 2020) when 12.2 million parcels were delivered in one day
  • strengthened the company’s position in Europe and internationally, taking over Speedy AD in Bulgaria and DPD Romania and acquiring TIPSA in Spain, increasing its ownership stakes in Ninja Van


DPD in Croatia follows the trend of DPDgroup

DPD in Croatia is also following the growth of the network and in 2021 it achieved excellent results. Looking at the whole 2021, the volume of parcels increased by 20% compared to the record year 2020 while revenues grew by about 25 percent, which is more than the volume compared to the year before.

In the global, but also in the Croatia market, there is still a big shift in the delivery of parcels to the end users (B2C), and the research of our group estimates that there are currently 146 million regular e-customers in Europe. Within DPDgroup, B2C volume in the courier, express and parcel industry market (CEP market) increased by 37,3% between 2019 and 2020, an increased 38% in revenue. In Croatia, DPD achieved a total growth of B2C parcels of 35% in 2021 compared to 2020, and the share of B2C parcels in the total volume was almost 70%.

“The results DPDgroup achieved in 2021 are truly impressive. The group’s revenue grew by more than 60% over the two years, and the company’s operating profit more than doubled. This excellent result is made possible by the daily efforts of each member of our team, which consists of as many as 120,000 delivery experts” said Igor Jakovljević, Regional Executive Director of DPD Croatia and DPD Slovenia.


Infrastructure investment and plans

Also, in 2021, DPD continued to invest in infrastructure, making its network as flexible as possible by opening a completely new depot in Šibenik and increasing the logistics capacity of its operational storage facilities in Pakrac and Ploče. This year, the plan is to move to a new, better, and bigger location in Rijeka, build a completely new depot in Split and expand our central sorting center in Zagreb. "Increased parcel volumes and market demand can only be met by continuous investment in infrastructure, automation and new technologies that enable faster processes and less manual labour," adds Igor Jakovljević.


Focus on a unique user experience (CX)

Within the innovation trends in shipment delivery services and as part of the growth of e-commerce, there is an increasing focus on meeting the needs of end users, so DPD is maximally adapting to their wishes. "We want to provide end users with a unique experience in parcel delivery by offering them options to easily change delivery date and address as well choose delivery to various alternative delivery locations." explains Snježana Stanić, Regional Marketing and Communications Manager at DPD Croatia. Therefore, the whole last year was marked by the development and implementation of new services and the improvement of the user experience. DPD has made delivery and receiving parcels easier to the consignees by implementing a chatbot on its website, launching a brand new myDPD end-user application (based on chatbot conversation) and expanding the network of Pickup locations to which the parcels can be redirected and picked up. Today, it is possible to find more than 70,000 Pickup locations and Pickup stations-parcel locker in 31 countries around the world, while throughout Croatia we have more than 600 Pickup locations and 30 Pickup Station – parcel lockers.


Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager


About DPDgroup

DPD in Croatia is part of DPDgroup (GeoPost), second largest international parcel distribution network in Europe. DPD, Chronopost, SEUR, BRT and Jadlog are the delivery experts coming together as DPDgroup. Group has 120.000 members, and a strong international network enables us to efficiently exchange experiences and knowledge. DPDgroup combines innovative technologies and local experience to deliver the most convenient and efficient delivery solutions to both senders and recipients. DPDgroup delivers more than 8.4 million parcels a day in more than 230 countries. Sending and receiving parcels is extremely easy, wherever our customers are.