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Frequently Asked Questions

Export to UK - Recipients

Export to UK - Recipients

How can I object to the calculated VAT and/or import duties?

You can lodge an objection directly with the tax authorities by going through the following 3 steps: 

  1. Go to the tax authorities and download the form
  2. Fill out the complete form.

You need some data from DPD such as the MRN number for this. You can request this from our Customer Service department. Use the form for recipients on the contact page and state your parcel number on it. 

The other information you need to fill in on the form is: 

Name of the Customs Office where the customs debt was notified:

Tax Office/Customs/Rotterdam Haven/Maasvlakte, Bosphorusstraat 5, 3199 LJ Rotterdam (Maasvlakte)

Name of the Customs Office responsible for the place where the goods are located:

Tax Office/Customs/Breda/Moerdijk, Plaza 5, 4782 SL Moerdijk

The rest of the information you need is on the invoice you received from us.

     3. Once you have completed everything, you can sign it and send it to: 

Tax Office/Customs, PO Box 3070, 6401 DN Heerlen

Contrary to what is stated on the website of the tax authorities, it is not necessary to request an authorisation from DPD. DPD NL works on the basis of Direct representation, which means that you can make an objection yourself.

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