We know that safe and efficient parcel delivery is especially important to you. DPD Croatia is offering you practical, reliable and innovative delivery options.

DPD is ready for all challenges!

The best delivery options are already here:

The myDPD application allows the consignee to easily view and manage all incoming parcels. Now they have the option to decide when and where they want to pick up their parcels, and simply select the desired delivery option with a few clicks.

With our redirection options, the consignee can easily change the place of delivery and choose delivery to one of the Pickup locations throughout Slovenia. We already have more than 600 Pickup locations and one of them is definitely close to you! Simply enter your zip code and / or address and we will show you the nearest DPD Pickup location - along with the appropriate opening hours. You can pick up your parcel within 7 calendar days.

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Soon, the options to pick up your parcel will become even easier. In addition to DPD Pickup locations, in cooperation with company Direct4me we'll introduce around 450 parcel lockers, which will be available to you at over 100 locations throughout Slovenia. Direct4me allows you to receive parcels easy and conveniently.

Key benefits:
• Availability 24/7
• Simplicity
• Complete discretion
• Reliability, safety, carefree delivery
• Notification - via SMS, e-mail and via the Direct4.me mobile application

Safe parcel delivery and payment

Due to additional measures to prevent the transmission of infection with the new virus (COVID-19), DPD has introduced an innovative, completely contactless parcel delivery.

- With this service, the driver will deliver the parcel by entering a unique PIN code.
- Each PIN code is created separately for each shipment and will be sent to the recipient by e-mail or Viber / SMS message on the day of delivery of the parcel.
- Delivery with a PIN code is contactless, easy and secure.
- Due to contactless operations, your written confirmation will not be required. In the event that you accidentally delete or lose the PIN code, due to extraordinary measures, the driver will record the fact that the parcel was successfully delivered to you.
- Contactless delivery with a PIN code is in accordance with point 6.8. of General Terms and Conditions for the shipment of DPD CLASSIC parcels.

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One of the most wanted DPD services is Cash On Delivery - C.O.D. or payment on delivery.

In order to provide consignees with a unique user experience, with the possibility of cash payment upon delivery, we also offer a special benefit for such services - online payment via a secure online system for credit card authorization in real time, WSPay.

With online payment via Mastercard®, Maestro®, Visa® and BA, we make it easier to pick up parcels!
Consignees can pay online when they receive notification that the parcel is on delivery or when a driver has already arrived at their address. This payment method makes purchasing much easier for your customers.

You can rely on the DPD delivery team!

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Find parcel shop

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