12. October 2022 | General information

Delivery Excellence Challenge competition


Ljubljana, October 2022 | In DPDgroup, for the first time this year, we prepared a very special competition for couriers, the Delivery Excellence Challenge, which presented the work and everyday life of our couriers in a fun and, above all, safe way.

At DPD Slovenia, we greatly appreciate and understand the important role played by our couriers. They overcome different challenges every day and are an indispensable part of our delivery and customer service.

To this end, at DPDgroup, we prepared a very special Delivery Excellence Challenge competition for them this year, which showed the work and everyday life of our couriers in a fun and, above all, safe way. The competition was held at a higher level than ever before, as DPDgroup recognized the importance and potential of this type of competition, so for the first time as many as 17 European DPDgroup members took part in it, which made the competition bigger, the event more interesting, and the spirit of the competitors more competitive!

In July, a local competition was first held, in which we chose a representative for DPD Slovenia. Admir Šekerić became the Delivery Excellence Challenge Best Driver in Vransko, who qualified for the grand final of the competition.

The final took place on Friday, October 7, 2022 in Zagreb, and for the first time in the history of DPDgroup, couriers from various business units across Europe competed in the competition.

The competition simulated a typical courier's day in an exciting, fun, and dynamic way and included 6 challenges that tested the couriers in four key areas: efficient, safe, and timely operation of an electric van, receiving and delivering parcels according to DPD standards, knowing the dimensions of the van and its, how to best maneuver it and basic knowledge about health and safety. The task that evaluated the user experience brought the most points, as this is extremely important to us as a company with a service activity. The task was judged by DPDgroup's Executive Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability and DPDgroup's Director of Marketing and Communications, so it really mattered how the couriers performed in this task. We wanted to prove that a traditional work environment can be just as fun as it is productive!

With participants from 17 business units, more than 45 representatives of GeoPost/DPDgroup and business units arrived in Zagreb. Each courier was accompanied by his executive director or director of operations, who cheered him on and possibly reassured him at the last moment.

The competition was extremely tense, every point won counted, and it is with great joy and pride that we announce that Admir won the silver medal.

We sincerely congratulate him on his excellent performance and the excellent place he won. We are very proud that he presented us in such a good light, and we are glad that he is part of our team!

Big thanks and congratulations also go to his co-driver, the head of coordinators at DPD Slovenia, Robert Arifović, without whom the competition would certainly not have gone so smoothly for Admir.

Of course, congratulations to the winner from DPD Hungary and the courier from DPD Czech Republic, who won third place, and congratulations to all the other participants.


Snježana Stanić

Marketing & PR manager

DPD v Sloveniji

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