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Predict and Follow My Parcel (FMP)

Predict - Quality time instead of time spent waiting!

Predict & Follow My Parcel are an industry-changing innovation from DPD, which will give your customers unparalleled levels of information and peace of mind.

In relation to the increase in the number of online shops, our company’s increase in the B2C segment by 45 % should not be considered a surprise. It is thus perfectly understandable that we strive to fulfill the needs of our end customers or consignees and we adapt our services to them. This is why we are developing services which make it easier for natural persons to send and receive packages. For a while we have been offering the possibility of notifying customers regarding package delivery with a text and/or email which has proven to be a good decision.

  • First the consignee is informed that the parcel is on its way and will probably be delivered the next day.
  • If this is convenient nothing needs to be done.
  • If it isn't convenient the following options for changing the delivery arrangements are available: 
    • Selecting a neighbour:
       we deliver the parcel to the selected neighbour.
    • Giving DPD permission to deposit the parcel.
    • Selecting a Pickup parcelshop:
       the parcel is held there for 5 working days before it is returned to the consignor. There are currently more than 470 Pickup parcelshops in Slovenia, of which 312 Petrol gas stations.
    • Changing the place of delivery:
       we deliver the parcel to a different address, for example that of a friend or the consignee's place of work.
    • Changing the day of delivery: 
       Postponing delivery for up to 5 working days.


If the consignee decides for one of the alternative delivery options, due to processing of the data in the system, delivery is possible the next working day at earliest.


On the day of delivery itself we inform consignees to the very hour when their parcel will arrive and thanks to Predict and 1-hour time frame DPD is making sure that the recipient doesn't wait for the parcel delivery or forgets it!

Ensuring our customers are satisfied is the freedom to which we aspire.

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